Who we are

DRN Entertainment is a company that is dedicated to the promotion, diffusion and organization in the entertainment industry.

We help our clients to reach their business goals by obtaining results through creative ideas, communication strategies, and marketing.

We specialize in designing custom events; our team of producers, staff and expert designers bring your ideas to life and transform them into the best version of your event. Committed to excellence, that is why we are constantly evolving, innovating in all aspects that makes a difference in each event.

Brand identity

Our commitment is to make each project or event a unique experience through the highest standards of quality, creativity and social responsibility. Our specialization is to generate creative ideas for each project or event with the sole purpose of ensuring that the event of live performance’s quality is never compromised. DRN Entertainment not only creates events, DRN Entertainment creates experiences.


The business culture of DRN, through our pillars of success, permits us to achieve outstanding results with values that create unparalleled-class of customer services